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Melanie, the narrator of my novel TIME TELLS, writes of being a child and going to

the theatre with her mother:


"I’d felt safe and secure in that make-believe world, where good and bad are

separate entities rather than two sides of a coin, and goodness always triumphs over evil."


But in the real world, of course, everything is much less straightforward.


My novel, TIME TELLS, is about those blurred boundaries between truth and delusion, between the way things are and the way we'd like them to be. I started with a few characters and a skeleton of a plot, not really sure how the various narratives would come together. And I gave myself a few surprises along the way.






TIME TELLS, published by New Generation Publishing, is available as a paperback from Amazon. There is also a Kindle edition.


How much do we need to know the truth?

Nothing and no one are quite what they seem, in this psychological mystery set in Norfolk.

Melanie, still haunted by the suicide of a former school-friend, has no particular interest in the suicide of her mother’s neighbour: an elderly woman she’d never even met. But, as she finds herself becoming emotionally involved with a relative of the dead woman, secrets unravel that not only jeopardise their developing relationship but also threaten to shatter the memories she holds of her own family history.







'An unusual story and a good read'


'The characters . . . were well-drawn and realistic'


'An intriguing novel with lots of twists and surprises throughout. Interesting characters and plot lines'

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